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New LJ account - kareraisu_10

Hi everyone on my LJ friends list!

Because of various reasons, I won't be using this LJ account anymore. This will be my last entry here.
Those who are interested to add me, please find my at my new account kareraisu_10

2012 vol.18 +act mini. - 12,000 word interview with Koyama Keiichiro.

In this interview, Koyama talks about his role as a newscaster and reporter, NEWS and all that happened in the past year.  I am really touched by the things he said during the interview and have made some notes.
Please note that this is by no means the full interview and is just a collection of what I love from the interview and obviously my personal interpretation.

NOTE: Please don't repost/relink without permission
Scans: Many, many thanks to inala

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Keichan's interview on Daily (newspaper)

Sharing Keichan's interview in a Japanese newspaper today.

I couldn't find a scan of sufficient quality so this is taken from a fan's blog.  It seems like she has typed out the interview. All credits go to the author of the blog.  In this interview, he talked about new NEWS, how he drew courage from fans and others, his feelings about RyoPi and the future for NEWS.

Below are some main points from the interview...

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It's all done in a hurry so I do apologise if there are any mistakes/mistranslations etc.

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TegoMass no radio summary: 21 Jun 2012

Dear chankapaanas,

A short report on today's TegoMass no radio as they talked about Chankapaana & Full Swing!

YT links here (credits to megu san)
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

disclaimer: I didn't wait for the episode summary from Japanese fans so there could be mistranslations o_O

EDIT (22 Jun) - I spoke to Megu san, the Japanese fan who uploads the radio links and some TV appearances onto YouTube. She's really happy that her links for the radio shows have helped to spread NEWS love around and will continue to work on  uploading the links to share with fans around the world in the future. Iitaidake! (^0^)/
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First ever meme.

My first ever meme, which I've stolen it from dear Cris chan (^___^)

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On a side note, I received HYDE's (L'Arc~en~Ciel's vocalist) self-penned autobiography in the post today,  Flipping through the book, I saw Tego's name mentioned under a section called 'Pals'* HYDE mentioned that Tegoshi is one of the people he'll meet in private, for drinks and what not.  The other two names mentioned (yasu and DAIGO) are from jrock bands while Tego's the only one from an idol group. Anyway, seeing this mention made me really happy and I'm still hoping for Tego to cover 'Hitomi no jyuunin'. After all HYDE mentioned Tegoshi in his book!! XDDDDDD

bunny_alice and mocoharuma, i thought you might be interested in this piece of NEWS (^o^)

*the book has 26 chapters (A-Z), detailing HYDE's thoughts)  




Thanks to LJ and Twitter, I’ve got a lot more friends to fangirl with. (^O^) Which I’m really thankful for.  It has always felt a little lonely doing fist-pumps and laughing out loud while watching concert DVDs, dramas and itteQ by myself in a little flat in London.  Now that I have all these fan-friends to flail together with in real time on Twitter, it really made a huge difference. Thank you minna!

NEWS,  the bond that binds us all, a bond that transcends nations and cultures, is truly an amazing and beautiful existence.  Thanks to NEWS, I now speak on a regular basis to fans from Canada and US to Paraguay and Brazil, from Japan and Singapore to Philippines and Italy and many other countries around the world.  Fans whom I consider as friends.  I do hope that someday we will be able to meet in Japan and see NEWS together.

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This was such an awesome episode that it would be criminal not to share.

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TegoMass no radio summary: 23 May 2012

Hello all,

Sharing a summary for the TegoMass radio episode aired on 23 May. 

I've summarised this only based on what i've heard so there could very well be mistakes. Please let me know if that's the case. Like Kchan NEWS, I'll do a summary whenever I can but no promises (given that i have an exam coming up and i'm still working full time)

YT link for those who want it:

(Especially for katrinasacay and himitsuru)

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Kchan NEWS Highlights (22 May 2012)


Tegoshi guested in this episode and introduced himself as ‘Kaseifu (Housewife) Tego’.

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TegoMass interview – QLAP! June 2012


Sharing a translation of the recent TegoMass interview with QLAP! See how Tegoshi and Massu’s bond has deepened along with the NEWS restart and find out what type of stage Massu would like to create for fans!

Special thanks to yuchen85 for the scans!

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